Imagine being so clear on your Purpose,
you know exactly where you're going and how to get there.



We are born with Purpose, hard-wired for success.
But as we grow we are influenced by others to follow a different path.
When you re-connect to your Purpose you remember why you’re here.
You remember your true goal and it inspires you to achieve it.

Re-discover your Purpose and put it into your work or business with Justin’s inspirational book
'Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing.’

The new and authentic way to differentiate and market yourself, your business, or your brand.

The new and authentic way to differentiate and market yourself, your business, or your brand.

This is an inspirational guide to:
- Defining the Purpose of your work or business
- Explaining what you do that is unique and valuable
- Connecting with like-minded customers and partners.  

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Reader Reviews

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“An entertaining and insightful read about the new purpose-based approach to communicating corporate and individual identity. ” Katie Greenstock

“...a must read. Thought provoking, compelling and practical, this book is filled with useful ideas and exercises. You will be amazed at how much clarity you gain towards expressing your unique purposeful brand. ” Dr Kerry Baxter

“It felt like Justin were speaking directly to me, and it was interactive - so rather than simply reading the book, I thought on what had been said, then and there.” Paul Koenig


About Justin.

My Purpose is to help people, businesses and brands define their Purpose, understand what makes them authentically unique, and help them explain how they make a difference in the world.

I spent 25 years working in global and SME brand marketing, before hitting a brick wall in 2012.

I realised that traditional marketing was broken - because today's customers don't want image - they want authentic and genuine. They want to know the 'why' behind the people they work with and brands they buy, so they can trust them to deliver on their promise. That’s why I wrote this book, and it’s why I now work as a Purpose Coach and Purposing Consultant.




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Here's a simple exercise to help develop your intuition and self-awareness - the building blocks to defining your Purpose. It's fun and simple to do, and it will only take you 15 minutes to do.



What are the benefits?

Purpose gives you the freedom and power to create something special with your business, career, or brand.

Purpose gives you clarity and motivation, along with the ability to inspire others at a new level. It makes selling easier, because you are speaking from your heart, and making a deeper connection with your audience.

Here's what my customers have said about how I have helped them in their businesses and careers:

"Justin has helped me reposition my brand and get my business On Purpose. I find his input to my business essential to maintain focus and get strategic and marketing direction." John W.

"Justin takes you on a journey to uncover huge potential that's locked deep down within. The process is simple to do, easy to understand...but most importantly, it's true to you." Marc N.




Prefer to go on a self-guided journey?

You can download my self-guided video course, which is a unique online course designed for SME entrepreneurs, that guides you through easy-to-follow steps to creating an Authentic Business Story that differentiates you from your competitors, attracts like-minded customers, and helps you grow your business.

Or you can buy a copy of my book, which is designed to help individuals, business owners and brand creatives to understand and explain their Purpose, so they can connect with and attract like-minded customers and business partners.  

Click here to download a Free audio excerpt from the book.


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