After 30 years in marketing I had an epiphany.

I realised the way businesses were marketing themselves hadn't changed since the 80's. And it was just plain wrong.

I worked out that traditional marketing was dead. I discovered the flaw in the idea that you could find a gap in the market, create a point of difference - then 'manufacture' a brand to fit in the gap.

The problem is that today's customer doesn't want image and spin - they want authentic and genuine. They want to work with someone they trust - not a steak knife salesman.

As a result they are becoming less and less relevant to their audience, and finding it harder and harder to attract the right customers – and enough of them.

So I decided to change the way I did things. I found a new way of connecting businesses with the right clients, brands with the right consumers, and people with the right career. The result is a process I call 'Purposing.'

Today I work as a Purpose Coach and Intuitive Marketing Consultant to help employees struggling to find meaning in their careers, business owners who feel 'lost at sea' and unable to explain what makes them unique, and start up entrepreneurs who have written their business plan but realise their idea is missing that 'spark.'

If that sounds like you, here's how I can help.