Pick a time and day when you are likely to be the most relaxed and unlikely to be disturbed. Typically this is either first thing in the morning when you first wake up, or an hour before you go to bed, but that's entirely up to you. Avoid consuming coffee, alcohol or other stimulants for several hours prior to doing this exercise - as they may inhibit your ability to relax.

1. Open this webpage on your smart phone and click on this audio link, so the audio is ready play. 

2. Download this questionnaire and either print it out or have it open on a device. But please DO NOT READ THE QUESTIONS YET. If you do, your rational/conscious mind may try to influence the 'natural' answers that will come from your subconscious as a result of doing this Visualisation.

3. Find a quiet place when you can sit on a comfortable chair, a bed, or on a cushion on the floor. Please don't sit at your work desk - as this will put you in a rational frame of mind. You want to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

4. Have a pen and either your printed questionnaire (turned over so you can't read it) or some paper to write on by your side

5. Before you start, repeat this mantra in your head three times - this is an NLP technique designed to open your mind up to creativity:

- I will open up to a world of possibilities

- I will allow new ideas to come through

- Anything is possible

6. Press 'Play' on your device, close your eyes, and listen to the Visualisation

7. Write down the first ideas / words that come on a separate piece of paper, then start completing the questionnaire - answering from your heart, not your head - using your intuition. Note down everything that comes to you - however unusual, and in as much detail as possible. While some of it may not make sense now, all the information you receive is very useful, so please include everything!

8. Please don't be tempted to amend any answers because they sound 'unusual' - you want to capture the intuitive and emotional information in its raw form. You can then make rational sense of it later.

Next Steps

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