How to delete your negative thoughts


I found this article interesting - so I thought I'd share it with you:

In essence this is about how your brain cleans itself when you sleep - likening the process to that of keeping a park or garden clean. What caught my eye in particular was this line:

"To take advantage of your brain’s natural gardening system, simply think about the things that are important to you."

This highlights the importance of being aware of our own thoughts, because most of us aren't. We are either thinking about something we have read, seen or heard in the media or we are worrying about a struggle we are having. So today for instance we might be worrying about the impacts of the US election results instead of focusing in on what we want to achieve today. By doing the former we seriously jeopardise our ability to achieve the latter.

So my key learning from this piece of neuroscience is this: 

Justin Cooper