The old safe is the new risky.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told to me “I want my business story to be different – but not THAT different,” I’d have a nice investment portfolio by now.

We all like to say that we want to be unique, but when push comes to shove, we don’t like standing out from the crowd too much – because it’s uncomfortable. 

But what if playing it safe was more dangerous than standing out? What if saying the same things as your competitors or your colleagues means you got lost in the crowd and those opportunities just pass you by? 

That’s exactly what is going on right now. Good companies, great employees, and potentially amazing brands are being overlooked because they aren’t telling their prospects what they really stand for. They are playing it safe. 

And the old safe in today’s market is the new risky. 

That’s because people are looking for business partners, products and services that are authentically unique.  They are inspired and wowed by brands like Tesla, Apple, Google, and Virgin. They are looking for the same thing from every interaction – big or small. 

Just because you’re running a small business or you’re in a career working for someone else doesn’t mean you can’t be Elon Musk in your own right. It just takes a little courage to decide to bring the real you to work, to extend that person into your business, and to channel your personality (and that of your team members) into your brand. 

That’s the new way to stand out in an authentic, genuine way – and to give your clients, employers and consumers an experience like no other. It’s about offering the real, authentic experience – rather than the cookie cutter, sanitised version. 

Standing up for what you believe in is actually the safest thing you can do in business right now – regardless of whether you are an employee, a business owner or you run a brand. 

Then the trick is to embed this belief into everything you say and do for your clients, employers and consumers. It’s the safest way to build a loyal tribe of followers who will support you every step of the way.

Justin Cooper