Trump doesn't need to make sense

At work we live in a rational state of mind.

We’re paid to concentrate, plan, and problem solve. We end up being analytical and logical.

But we know that people aren’t like that in the real world. Our customers aren’t. They don’t buy rationally – they buy emotionally and intuitively.

Take Trump’s victory last week. It didn’t seem to make sense to most people.

But right there is the problem: ‘It doesn’t make sense!’

Of course it doesn’t. We don’t want sensible – we want authentic. We want natural, organic, and intuitive. We want real.

But what is real?

We’ve been conditioned from birth to follow a script. It started with well-meaning parents and grandparents – then on to sometimes not-so-well-meaning teachers. Then we take charge of our own conditioning by seeking out evidence that will support the brain washing we’ve been experienced since we were children.

We then proceed to hide whatever is left of our true selves with a cloak made up of qualifications, awards and work experience.The end result is a prefabricated, automated and emotionless human cyborg. No wonder authentic is hard for us to replicate for our customers.

The problem isn’t that we don’t know what we don’t know. The real problem is that we don’t know what we do know. We actually have all the answers – but our rational minds can’t see it.

That’s because we’ve been conditioned to think about everything logically. But creativity, intuition and authenticity isn’t logical. It’s nebulous – vapid – tenuous. It’s Donald Trump winning The White House.

For the past three years I’ve been working on a simple, and quick way to tap into the truth of who we are, to help people explain why they are unique and what they do for people to make a difference to their clients’ lives.

I believe I’ve found a way of allowing us to 'know what we know.'

I’ve worked with business owners, start up entrepreneurs and career disillusionists. I’ve worked with 140 clients and demonstrated my process to a further 80 or so at events. 

I believe this is the breakthrough we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. 

And to make a far more authentic connection with our clients.

To do that you need to first discover your Unique Advantage...


Justin Cooper