Are you blindfolding yourself?


Running a business (and for that matter your life) without Purpose is like driving a car blindfolded. You have no indication of where the road is ahead, and you can't see the signs that indicate where to go in order to get to your destination. In fact you have no clue of your destination in the first place.

Yet so many businesses (I guess around about 90%) are operating without a Purpose. I'm not talking goals and objectives – most businesses have these –I'm talking about the higher purpose behind the business itself. And by that I mean why it exists - who it serves - and what it is dreams of achieving in the grand scheme of things, and what it will ultimately represent. In short how it plans to change the world.

The strange thing about purpose is that it isn't rocket science. It's actually common sense; it’s about culture and personality – about being driven to make a difference. All essentially human traits that form the basis for the societies we live in.

But most people ignore Purpose because they don't think they need it. Why? Because it doesn't fit into the normal business/logical framework. It is too intangible, too elusive, and for most people - too ‘La-la’ to worry about. Unfortunately though it is at the centre of everything – determining the very success or failure of our business ventures.

In fact culture has become an essential ingredient of any organisation – whether this be a company with 1000 + employees, or a start-up solopreneur. HR studies confirm this - with remuneration plummeting down the list of importance for staff - to be replaced by freedom, and a sense of pride and recognition.

The big question is how do you work out your purpose? And once you've done that, how do you fold it into your business and your brand, so it has relevance with all the stakeholders involved – staff, customers, business partners?

I believe the answer is to delve into the subconscious. Only then can you get a true, authentic and original sense of Purpose. Answers delivered by the logical/conscious part of the brain always end up being contrived, uninspiring, and remarkably similar to everyone else's. By using a simple meditation process we can open up to answers normally hidden from view. We can open up the limbic and reptilian centres to understand what we truly believe, and what really drives us. We can also dream, unencumbered by the doctrines of the logical brain that only allow us to see what is already there, not what could be.

I have developed a simple process to allow people to access subconscious thinking in a waking state, and to answer deeper questions about why they work in the way they do, how they make a difference to people through their work, how they solve genuine customer problems, and how they meet genuine needs.

For the 100+ people that have been through this process over the past few years, all agree that the clarity it brings is priceless. It has helped business owners and managers to articulate their Mission and Brand Positioning, and individuals to find more meaningful and rewarding work after being stuck in careers that they had come to hate.

Justin Cooper