Become the Lighthouse

There's one golden rule that sums up the new approach to marketing - "Become The Lighthouse."

In other words be so solid on your Purpose, so clear on what you stand for, so bright, so powerful - that people will be drawn to you for miles around, because you light up the darkness with your inspiration.

How? By developing your Brand Story from the inside out. By unlocking your Purpose to discover who you really are - as an individual or as an organisation - what you stand for - who you are here to help, and how you help them.

Sounds simple - but it's not. Our logical minds get in the way of the process and we over-think, over-rationalise and generally muddle the whole thing up. We end up spouting the same trite as everyone else. Words like honesty and integrity, professionalism, expertise and (God forbid) 'passion' come oozing out of all orifices of the individual or organisation trying to define what they stand for. It just doesn't work that way. You have to relax, suspend disbelief and go deeper within yourself and within the mind of the directors of the business to find the truth - the deeper purpose that lies behind the standard 'value proposition' of 'delivering outstanding results and value for our clients and stakeholders.' It's meaningless - because it's the expected - it's what everyone needs to be doing to just to be in the game- and frankly if you're not doing it, you will go out of business in a heartbeat.

So you need to lighten up and meditate. Meditate? Yup - meditate. It will soon be the norm in business (and in life), so you might as well get used to it and start practicing it. Were starting to get our heads around the science and benefits of meditation - but the benefits within business are still restricted to a few enlightened millionaires and business leaders - but it will trickle down to the -rest of us soon.

Here's a simple tip to access your purpose that will take you all of 15 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Sit on a chair in a quiet room (where you won't be disturbed) with a pen and a piece of paper by your side and close your eyes.

Step 2: Relax and breathe deeply through your nose into the back of your lungs for a count of 4 seconds and then exhales through your nose for another count of 4. Repeat 10 times and let go of the thoughts in your head. If you can listen to relaxing music at the same time then all the better.

Step 3: Continue breathing in and out like this for another few minutes - don't count this time, just continue to clear your mind - and imagine you are sitting on a beach looking out to a calm ocean.

Step 4: When you are fully relaxed, gently come back from that deep place and open your eyes. Take up your pen and answer these three questions:

  1. I / we inspire people by...( what you do and how you think differently)
  2. I / we were born to... (why you are here - what you are here to create and / or help people)
  3. I / we believe in...(a big idea / a cause)

You'll be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with when you describe the lighthouse you are for others.

Justin Cooper