Ignore the Instructions manual

Ever feel like you're just going through the motions? Like you're following a script someone else has written for you? I know the feeling - I've been there myself. It left me feeling listless, lost and in limbo (to say nothing of low!)

I concluded that I was unwittingly following a set of instructions - written by my parents, grandparents and teachers. But then I learned to look inside and discovered my own set of instructions.

This came to me suddenly last week. It landed with a thud and it jolted me out of my complacency. I'm sharing it with you now, because it's important. 

Why? Because we're all neatly conditioned to comply with society's instruction manual. We don't realise it, because this conditioning is hidden in the subconscious. Like a virus on a computer.

To clear the virus you need to look inside - search for the truth of who you are, and what you stand for. It's not a difficult process once you start. It's the starting that's the challenge - because you have to cut through the complacency. 

'Why bother? - I'm far too busy getting stuff done' complains your conscious, logical mind.

'Because there's something important in there to be discovered' another voice replies.

'Blimey I'm hearing voices' jokes your conscious mind - in the hope of diffusing the problem of deeper thought and sending you off track.

'Trust me - this is important' your sub conscious buts in again. 'It won't take long - and you won't be disappointed...'

And you won't. Because when you find your own guiding light - your own moral compass - your own instructions - decision-making becomes so much easier. Instead of the endless logical 'thought-loop' you normally get stuck in, the answer comes through loud and clear from your intuitive subconscious. BANG - There's your answer!

So my suggestion is to give meditation a try. It's a powerful tool to seek answers from deep inside your brain. Who knows you might even be able to throw away that tired, old instruction manual and write your own....

Justin Cooper