The Art of 'Allowing'

Allow good things to happen.jpg

I had an epiphany last month – and it came down to one word: ‘Allow.’

I’m now applying what I learned from this event and applying it to my business.

I realise that pushing relentlessly to get a result simply doesn’t work. It may have worked 10 years ago, but in today’s world it doesn’t. I learned that you have to balance push with ‘pull,’ and allow good things to happen. This involves being aware and being open to opportunities as they pop up on your radar. That means taking the blinkers off. Because when you are wearing blinkers – the only thing you can see is the course you running on and the finishing line. What you miss is the short cut.

I realise this contradicts much of what we are taught growing up. But what the heck - let’s just challenge that old way of thinking and shake things up a bit!

So this is how it works.

1. Set your goal – but don’t obsess about it (like I did). That just leads to feelings of desperation – and that breaks the law of detachment. (check out for more on this)

2. Set a rough plan of action and get started before your plan is set in concrete.

3. See what shows up. Be aware of opportunities, connections, ideas, people who show up and offer help to achieve your goal in a quicker, cheaper, smarter way than the one laid out in your plan.

4. Let go of the fact that your plans might have to change. I personally hate this part, because I have been semi-OCD for most of my life.

5. Allow good things to happen. This is tricky – many of us have been brain-washed by a belief handed down through the generations that life is hard, you never get an even break, and (for some reason) we all deserve to be punished As a lapsed catholic I find this last one particularly ridiculous and irritating.

6. Adopt, adapt and improve. Amend your plan as you move forward – benefiting from the good things you are ‘allowing’ to happen – and the generosity shown by friends and contacts to hep my your dream a reality.

And as a last gift I thought I’d leave you with a cheesy anagram to remember this process.

A = Always

L = Let

L = Love

O = Open

W = (the) Way

In this case ‘Love’ means openness, acceptance, trust and the ‘allowing of good things’ to happen.

Go forth and Allow!

Justin Cooper