The Big Deal about Purpose

Why is communicating your Purpose so important to the success of your business?

Or in other words, what’s the big deal about Purpose?

Here’s the quick answer: It’s a trust thing. People buy from people, and they only buy from people they feel they can trust.

Here’s the back story: Gone are the days when a business could simply say “Trust me, I’m a professional - with an expert team who knows a hell of a lot about my subject, and we have over 20 years experience doing what we do – with great results - so go ahead and buy from me.” 

They need more than that. A lot more. 

They need you to answer five things first: 

 1. What do you believe in? (in relation to your business) 

 2. What do you a) stand for and b) against in your market? 

 3. Who do you help? 

 4. What problem are you here to fix for them? 

 5. How will you make a positive impact on their business / lives? 

 6. What outcomes can they expect? 

 Then they can decide if they feel like then can trust you and you can go ahead and tell them what amazing product or service you offer and the cool way you deliver it. 

So do your communications – your website / sales brochure / marketing collateral / social media blurb / sandwich board / etc - answer those six questions? If they don’t, well then “Houston, we have a problem.” 

 Here’s how I’d answer those six questions for my own business: 

 1. I believe we are all born with a Purpose – and when we put this Purpose to work we become more motivated, more inspiring, and more successful. 

2. a) I’m against ‘Old Business Paradigm’ where a company exists purely to make money by creating a problem that doesn’t really exist, to try and fool a prospect into buying a product or service that will solve this non-existent problem – so making itself useless in the long term. 

 b) I’m for ‘New Business Paradigm’ – where a company understands the deeper reason for its existence, which it then translates into a Mission to explain how it helps its clients overcome a genuine problem they have – so making itself useful in the long term. 

 3. I help business owners and managers wanting to operate in the New Business Paradigm but who don’t have an operating manual on how to do this profitably. 

 4. I’m here to help those struggling to articulate their Business Purpose and Client Mission, and to communicate the true and unique value they offer to their clients. 

 5. They will find it easier to sell, to motivate, to inspire and to differentiate themselves in their market. 

 6. As a result they will find it easier to attract like-minded clients, staff and partners – who turn into raving fans. This leads to higher sales and lower marketing costs – and so higher profits. 

Now it’s your turn. 

OK - it did take me a fair amount of soul-searching and some coaching to get me to this point. If you’d like help answering your six questions, ask yourself first if you feel you can trust me. 

If you resinated with my answers above then we're probably on the same page. If you'd like help answering the questions I'd be delighted to take the conversation further.


Justin Cooper