The Power of Imagination

Imagine what it would feel like it you could work only on the things you love. If you could let go of all the other work that didn't inspire you. Imagine if all your work inspired you and developed you to new heights.

Imagine if you could choose the people you worked with - and you could avoid the tyre-kickers, the time-wasters, the pains-in-the-rear-ends.If you could only work with people you enjoyed working with - people who understood the value you bring.

Imagine if you didn't have to sell ever again. If all you needed to do was tell people how much you loved your work and how you help people. Imagine if people flocked to you to buy your services or your products.

That's what imagination does. That's what doing your purpose is all about. That's what being connected to who you are is all about. Every day is easy. 

Here are five questions to ask yourself to harness the power of your imagination:

1. What is it about the work I do that I love the most?

2. What work do I do that makes a real difference to people's lives?

3. What's the one thing I do for my customers that they praise me for time and time again?

4. Which customer(s) do I love working with the most?

5. What do I do for him/her/them that no one else can do?

You have the power to change your life right now. All it takes is the first step. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Because where your attention goes, your energy flows.

So let's all stop chasing dollars - and start chasing dreams.

Justin Cooper