The Secret to Success?

Something amazing happened this week. I woke up to the secret of success – and I want to share it with you...

First I need to share the backstory. I've been traveling in Europe for the past few days on a holiday to take in one of my greatest passions: rugby. But I didn't think I deserved this trip. In my mind I hadn't been successful enough to warrant it. I hadn't pulled in enough clients or dollars. I felt stuck – I knew I was on purpose and doing the work I was born to do. I knew I was impacting people's lives with my work, and had been told as much by a number of my clients.

But my ego wasn't happy. It wanted 'success' and it wanted it now.

But what is success? The ego measures this on results. And that means bums on seats at my events, which I hadn't had enough of recently.

So as I walked through the crowds towards Twickenham stadium to witness the semi finals of the rugby World Cup on Saturday and Sunday, my ego told me I didn't deserve to be there. I hadn't made it like I said I would, so what was I doing swanning off to a rugby match half way around the world?

Then to make matters worse (for my ego) here I was on a train to Norwich to visit my brother, attend a beer festival, and see my favorite rock band in concert.

'You just don't deserve this' my ego reminded me.
'But that's OK, because you don't have a ticket, and the concert is sold out.'

But I wanted to go. Badly. I'd been dreaming of standing in the crowd and singing along to their songs for the past two months. Even though the face value of the ticket was only £10, I joked with my brother that I'd pay as much as £100 to see these guys play.

And there I was, standing at the door to the venue with my brother, hoping against hope that someone would have a spare ticket. The doorman was getting annoyed with the constant questioning about returned tickets. I looked into the faces of the people coming forward – searching for sanctuary. Then a man stepped out of the crowd with the ticket in his hand. I could've kissed him.

'How much do you want for it?'
'A hundred quid' he replies smiling.
That was an awkward pause while I remembered my earlier comment to my brother.
'Just kidding - give me £10.'

Miracle #1.
There it was – the ticket I had dreamed of since August in my sweaty paw.

That left us four tickets short. One for my brother, two for my nieces, and one for my traveling companion Luke. Then came Miracle #2.

Another 100 people came walking past us into the concert, but no sign of any more spare tickets. I let go of the burning need for four extra tickets and relaxed, and that's when something incredible happened.

Two men appeared from nowhere and asked to come in.

'Where are your tickets?' asks the doorman

'We are the main act' answers the first man.

'Really?' says the doorman suspiciously

'Conor!' shouts my brother, clapping the man on his back.
'My brother has come all the way from Australia to see you play today.'

Conor Mason - The lead singer of the band - rewards my brother for helping him get into his own gig by offering us 4 complementary tickets.

My head starts swimming - we've done it, and in style!

And the moral of this tail?

Success takes a simple formula. If you want something badly enough, you're prepared to put the effort in, and you let go of the burning need to see a result, miracles can happen.

As I stood there watching 'Nothing But Thieves' performing, I welled up. This was the proof I needed that anything is possible – that there are no coincidences, and that when you put your mind to something, you apply yourself – and you let go of the anguish of needing – miracles happen.

So why am I sharing this Story? 

Simple - Because I know a lot of people are going through similar challenges right now. There's a lot of 'stuff' going on - big changes are afoot, and it's having a profound impact on all of us. It's making us rethink what we are doing with our lives - and the work we do. 

For some this means re-thinking what they do to earn a dollar, and finding new work that serves them, inspires them - and still makes a dollar. For others this means re-thinking what their businesses offer their clients and how they can explain what they do in a way that resonates with authenticity and meaning. Either way it's about being real - to yourself and those you serve. It's the new way.

If you are looking for this kind of clarity and you'd like help making sense of it all, I'd love to hear from you. If I can help - I'll let you know. If I can't - I'll direct you to someone who I believe can. If any of this resonates for you please get in touch - I look forward to hearing from you.

Justin Cooper