The Trinity of Business

You, your customer, and your idea represent the 'Holy Trinity' of successful business. The key is to start with you - not with the customer. Too often businesses look at the market to decide what to sell - but the market won't tell you, as it's waiting for you to inspire them.

So the trick is to first work out what drives you - what you really love about your business - and the one thing you do for your customers that no one else can. Then you can connect this to a problem you solve or a new opportunity you give your customers that no one else does. This is when you do your market testing - only once you've worked out what drives you and your business.

Then the last step is to instil this drive, this 'essence' into your new product or service or existing one - so that your personality, character and DNA is threaded all the way through your business - from the way the phone is answered to the way you deliver your product or service. Once these three elements (you, your customer, your idea) are aligned great things start to happen.

Justin Cooper