Traditional Marketing is Dead

Old fashioned marketing is about letting your market determine what you produce.

But the trouble with that is that your market simply doesn't know what it wants. It's waiting for you to inspire them. And the other problem is that if you're simply looking to 'meet market demand' you're likely to be competing with a bunch of other people marketing the same things as you. And then it just becomes a commodity market where price is the main factor determining success. And then everything gets made in China and if you don't live in China you're likely to put your family and friends out of work.

So how why not try 'Purposing' instead? Purposing is the process of first working out what really drives you as a person - then using this to develop a great business idea - and finally connecting this to a broad customer need. The idea comes from you - not the market. The concept of 'Driving' is founded on the principle that everyone has a unique purpose that meets a fundamental need in the world. We still need to do our homework to ensure this idea is presented to the right audience and produced in the right way - but the outcome is something far more unique and far more useful than a truckload of identical widgets produced in 10 different factories across China.

When you're marketing your business, the market's in control of your destiny. When you're 'Purposing' your business - you're in control.

Justin Cooper