Truth is more powerful than fiction

When I was a young marketer working in corporate, I was encouraged to invent the truth. Nothing sinister - it was all part of the process of creating a brand image. In the absence of a natural point of difference, we just invented one. The trouble with inventing the truth is that it can become a habit - and after a while we can't tell the difference between the truth and the image we have invented.

If you are running your own business, you don't need to 'invent' your point of difference - it's already there within you - it's called 'Purpose.' When I began to open up to my Purpose a couple of years ago it was initially quite confronting. But then it started to sink in - and now it has become second nature. It guides me in the work I do - it directs me down certain paths - it helps me to stay on track. The reaction I get when I talk about my purpose (in the context of the work I do) is extremely positive and encouraging. It reinforces the work I do and it helps define me in a different way to others in my area. The Truth is far more interesting than the invented point of difference I used to work with.

So what are the signs that you can look for to tell that you are 'working on Purpose?' Here are a few that have helped me stay on track:

1. You start to write a blog for your business - and you find yourself naturally writing about what you believe in rather than what you 'need to sell'

2. When you talk about your work - you become genuinely (and naturally) excited - and the listener becomes far more engaged

3. You start to see the 'bigger picture' in the work you do - the impact it could have on a bigger scale

4. You start to 'bump into' like-minded people who are doing similar work but in different ways

If you've spotted any of these signs then you are well on your way to connecting with the higher purpose behind the work you do. If you don't, we need to talk - because you're missing out!

Justin Cooper