Welcome to 'Truth Key'

Imagine a world where anything is possible: a world where you are all-powerful, and where your dreams become reality. Everything you ever wished for is already yours. Every achievement you ever wished for has already been achieved.  You are whole, you are powerful. You've stepped into your greatness and you are complete.

The truth is we are all capable of greatness. We’re all born with a higher purpose - with a unique strength, and a unique gift. We have the power to do amazing things on this planet.

But it's our choice whether we want to step into this greatness - whether we want to take this adventure, and make the demanding journey from ‘Safety Island’ over to ‘Truth Key.’

And it's all there for us - the blueprint for our greatness is already embedded in our brains, in every sinew of our bodies - in our DNA, within the fabric of our being.

Whether we choose to step into this role is entirely up to us. We can remain on Safety Island – in a world that we perceive as safe. But in reality it isn't safe - it's far from safe. It is holding us back from our true purpose – and in doing so we are fighting against our instincts, our deeper beliefs, and our true calling. By continuing to live like this we expose ourselves to stress, anxiety, physical illness and mental illness.

But when we step into our greatness, and we cross the chasm of the raging sea that divides Safety Island and Truth Key - that's when the adventure begins. Because we have infinite power - and when we tap into our gift, and we decide to be everything that we were born to be - we call upon and access infinite resources, infinite capabilities, infinite power. And that's what imagination is all about – it gives us the ability to step into our true selves, and to live aligned with our higher purpose.

Justin Cooper