We’ve got the sequencing all wrong

The first thing we do when faced with a goal, project, or a challenge is to ask ‘how?’ How can this be achieved? What steps are needed? How will we get to our desired goal?

It’s just the way we’re wired. We are living in a left-brain dominant world of logic, outcomes, and solutions. A world where right-brain thinking has largely been restricted to art and music – and has been shunned from the practical world where we don’t have time to think like that, because we just need to ‘get things done.’

But all that is changing – companies like Google and Apple are proving how important and effective it is to use the creativity of the right brain to come up with new ideas that work in a practical, business world. But how about the rest of us mere mortals?

We are trapped in a sequencing pattern that runs like this:

1. What’s the goal?

2. What outcomes am I targeting?

3. How do I achieve it?

4. What exact steps need to be taken to achieve the outcomes?

5. Have the outcomes been achieved?

It’s very logical – but it’s totally flawed, because it’s linear. It doesn’t allow for creative thinking to improve the model, or quantum physics to step in and improve the model in mid-flight.


The new way of doing things is much more fun and productive:

1. What’s the purpose behind this goal?

2. Why is it so important to achieve it (for all affected by it)?

3. What outcomes and benefits will it deliver?

4. What rough steps do I believe will deliver this?

5. How do these steps need to be modified along the way as a result of the new opportunities that are now showing up?

This new approach combines Simon Sinek’s ‘Why’ model – with the Power of Purpose - and the principles of Quantum Physics. Because life isn’t linear – It’s relative.  We can thank Einstein for this amazing discovery.

In other words our plans – goals – and outcomes are influenced by a whole series of external factors, which impact on our plans seemingly randomly. But there’s nothing random about Quantum Physics – and when you throw in the ‘observer effect’ you realise just how much influence these unseen forces have on our plans. We ignore them at our peril.

Next time you are planning a project – try starting with Purpose and seeing where it takes you…

Justin Cooper