What's your Secret Ingredient?

We are all born with a secret ingredient – a unique way of seeing the world, a unique perspective, and unique skills. When we marry this up with our unique purpose, and we use this to help those who need our unique skills the most- good things happen, really good things.

But most of us don’t see this. We see the world through the old lens of supply and demand. We see ourselves providing a product or service that’s similar to competing products and services out there. We then fall into the ‘competitor trap.’ We buy in to the dog-eat-dog paradigm and assume that what we need to do is fight our competitors for a small piece of the pie. This ends up being counter-productive as we stop focussing on how we can help our future clients, and we spend most of our energy on how to get one up on our competitors. It’s classic ‘scarcity thinking’ and it is ultimately self-destructive.

So here’s the new paradigm. It’s founded on the principles of conscious capitalism – which is discovering your purpose, working out your secret ingredient, and focusing on using it to help people who ‘get you,’ rather than trying to sell it to people that don’t get you. It’s about abundance – you know that what you do is innately different from others in your field, so you have different clients – some that get what you do, others that get what they do. You’re no longer worried about grabbing market share from them, because you know that there is plenty of business to go around.

And instead of having to be totally ‘buttoned up’ and having all the answers, you are free to be open to new ideas, to be flexible in how you deliver your secret ingredient – and it’s OK to be vulnerable. In fact this openness and vulnerability create opportunities, because people can relate to you more easily – they see that you’ve been down the same path they’re going down, and it’s comforting for them to know that you survived it.

I know this because I’ve been down this path of self-discovery myself. I’ve spent years getting to grips with my own secret ingredient, and now I help others do the same. I couldn’t do what I do unless I had first experienced it myself. I’ve been through the ‘pain’ so I know what others are feeling. I’ve developed strategies to get people through it faster than I did and without the same level of angst.

So now it’s your turn – are you clear on what your secret ingredient is, and are you using it?

Justin Cooper