Who is the Real You?

What would you say if I told you that you were living a lie, and that you aren’t the person you think you are? What if you discovered there was another You – the real You – sitting below the surface, and that it had always been there?

It’s true. Most of us are living someone else’s idea of life rather than our own. It’s a mask most people wear throughout their lives. We are conditioned from birth by others - who are supposedly older and wiser - to follow in their footsteps. To be like they are. To believe what they believe. We are shown who to be by our family, our friends, our teachers, and our work colleagues. But in following others we bury our real self under layers of borrowed beliefs and opinions.

But the great news is it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change your mind at anytime. You can be all that you are meant to be. It can happen at any time, IF you are willing to dive inside and help yourself back to a full and exciting life. The one you really want and deep down have always wished and looked for.

The truth is that we are born with a unique purpose, and a unique mission in life – that brings with it a unique way of thinking and way of seeing the world. This kind of self-work brings with it a clarity that brilliantly gives us two powerful and virtually instant results.

First you become the person that you believe you can be and are capable of being, which brings joy and happiness. Secondly, when you are happy with who you are, your purpose is confidently set in motion. So it becomes far easier to bring the right people to you, who willingly help you to achieve your purpose. 

How can you begin to access your purpose and discover the Real You?

I recommend three simple things you can do to get the ball rolling:

1. Start today to be curious about the other you, the real you. Once you begin to think about who you could really be, you will then be ready to take step two.

2. Look around your life and see all the things you do on a daily basis in your business, your relationships, your finances, your ability to achieve your dreams. Make a mental list - how many of the things you do on a daily basis, if you are being honest - are NOT you? The things you do that don’t fit, but you do anyway. We all do. These first two steps are critical. My personal experience shows that until you get uncomfortable with who you're not, you’ll never get curious or committed enough to unleash the real you.

3. When you are ready in your own mind, then you are ready to join all the other “real” people who have come through the Unleash Your Beast course. What happens next is nothing short of transformational, when you are ready.

So look at your life, look at the things you do that don’t match who you know you really are. Realise that it’s time, time for you to allow yourself to be that real you – and with it allow yourself to be happy and free!

When you decide, I am ready to be one of those people who rallies to you to help make your purpose excitingly real in the world.

For more information about me, and how to help yourself discover the Real You - please view this quick life-changing video clip of some real people uncovering who they really are.

Justin Cooper