Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

It strikes me that we are in the midst of a revolution. A silent one. No barricades, no guns, no mass executions. Just a silent change within us all. So silent but most of us are blissfully unaware change going on.  

I recently watched The Imitation Game in which Alan Turing is portrayed as a mathematical / IQ genius who breaks the German's secret code and in the process invents the world’s first computer - but who is marginalised by the majority of straight-thinkers who don’t understand him. I use the term ‘straight’ deliberately for a variety of reasons.  

Fast-forward to 2015 and the Intuitives are being marginalised in exactly the same way as the IQ geniuses of times gone by. Why? Because people don't understand them - their ideas are simply too radical.  

Most business people now accept that there is a need for EQ (emotional intelligence) in the workplace, because they realise it will help motivate people and help them to work better together. But EQ is generally marginalised as only useful if you run teams or want to motivate staff. What possible use could emotional intelligence have in the workplace beyond geeing up the troops?  

Emotional intelligence is much more than just ‘emotional’ – it is also intuitive. And Intuitive intelligence - let's call it TQ for fun - is the real code breaker. We just can't see it yet.  

TQ is seen as the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ because it scares us. That’s because intuition is primaeval and primordial. It stems from the oldest, deepest and - as sentient, logical humans who are supposed to be above all this stuff – the darkest part of the human brain: the reptilian centre. It can't be trusted, it lurks in the shadows – it’s clearly dangerous.  

But what if we harness the power of intuition using both emotional and logical intelligence? What if we were to trust our intuition, and combine it with the logical thinking that we are so used to using? Then we could solve our most pressing and urgent world problems using a new way of thinking. We can also harness TQ in the business world to develop new products and services that people really need. 

TQ is currently in its infancy. When we understand its real potential, we will realise a new level of human understanding and intelligence. We will develop new ways of doing things – ways that we cannot yet even imagine. This will be carried through into the business world. It will change everything. How do I know this? I feel it - I sense it - I intuit.

Don't fear the big bad Wolf – embrace it, and Unleash Your Beast!

Justin Cooper