How to inject Purpose into your work

Q: Why do some people seem to cut though the noise and make a real impact with their message, while others struggle to inspire?

I believe the answer lies in the Power of Purpose. Really influential people have a clear understanding of their Purpose and they use this to energise and supercharge their businesses, causes, or careers. When they talk about what they are here to achieve, they do so with such passion that people are literally moved by their words. 

Back in the day it was possible to 'fake' this emotion. But these days people have a nose for deceit that renders false enthusiasm powerless. So it's really important to get clear in your own mind what you are here to achieve, before sharing it with others.

That's what my new book 'Marketing is Dead, Long Live Purposing' is all about. It's an inspirational and practical book, giving you a step-by-step guide to how to discover your Purpose and how to put it into your work, business or brand. 

To get your copy, clink on this link. This is also an inspirational book for any work colleagues, family members, or friends who are looking for direction and clarity for their work or business.

Justin Cooper