Selling Made Easier.


No one likes a second hand car salesperson. Real estate agents wearing sharp suits talking about ‘million dollar views’ aren’t too popular either.


Because we don’t like hard sell. We like to make our own minds up. We don’t want to feel pressured into buying something that we’ll regret later.

But what if it’s you doing the selling? What if you are going for an interview and you need to sell yourself? Or if you’re a business owner trying to convince someone to buy your product or service? How do you feel about that?

Most of us feel pretty grubby when it comes to selling to other people. We feel like the used car salesperson. We don’t want to come across as pushy. We don’t want to be rejected. We don’t want to ask someone to buy from us, when there’s a chance they’ll say ‘no.’

So what if you were chatting with a like-minded person who had already indicated that they agreed with you on what you’re trying to achieve? That wouldn’t be a pitch, so much as a conversation.

And that’s exactly what Purpose does. It puts people in the same space, where they can feel comfortable chatting with each other. It creates mutual trust and a level playing field. Rather than operating on a ‘me’ and ‘you’ level, it creates an ‘us’ scenario. It’s what Seth Godin describes as feeling like we are part of the same ‘Tribe.’

The trouble is Purpose on it’s own is a passive entity. It doesn’t do anything to people. Not only do you have to tell people what you believe in (as it relates to your market), you have to then explain how this belief translates into a Mission you have to improve their lives via the product or service you have developed. And that’s what I call ‘Purposing.’

Purposing is the glue that binds Culture with Sales. It’s ‘new marketing,’ because rather than being based on image and spin, it’s about being authentic and genuine. It connects two like-minded and willing parties together. Purposing informs every aspect of your product or service design, your branding, and your sales approach. And it makes your conversations and communications with your potential customers a whole lot easier. You can be yourself, rather than trying to be the ubiquitous second hand sales person.

So it’s really important you get clear on the Purpose of your work, business or brand. Then consider how your Purpose inspires you to do things differently so you can improve your customer’s experience.

That’s how to sell without feeling like you’re selling. It’s a conversation with a like-minded audience who ‘get’ your Purpose and sense that you are there to actually help them.

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Justin Cooper