Overcoming depression at work

Chatting with a friend of mine yesterday I made this short video about overcoming depression when we feel stuck in our work. It can happen when the work you do is at odds with your belief system. It doesn't matter if you're stuck in the wrong job, you've lost passion for your work, or if you feel disconnected from your own business.

When it happens, it's hard. You feel lost and confused. It's not a rational problem you can fix by thinking it through. It's an emotional and intuitive disconnect - which is why it hits you so hard.

My advice is to stop thinking about it, relax, and ask yourself what you really want deep down. I've developed a series of short Visualisations to help give people the clarity to understand what they are capable of, what they are here to achieve, and how they can make a difference. This isn't the kind of information you can get from a career counsellor or business coach - because you can't explain these things rationally. It has to be accessed from a deeper place - the subconscious.

The other challenge people face when they do get stuck in their work is the money trap. They don't believe they can earn what they need from doing what their heart desires. So they continue suffering in silence. This can lead to depression, illness, and in extreme circumstances, suicide. 

I want to help prevent that by encouraging people to dream.  Because once you take the first step, it gets easier as you progress. Then things move quickly:

- You get clarity around what you really want to do
- You talk about it to trusted friends and contacts
- People give you the right connections to make your dream possible
- You start fleshing out what this could look like and how it could work
- Before you know it you are half way there...

Practicing the art of dreaming and imagining should be a compulsory subject at school. Until that day comes, it's up to all of us as individuals to practice it for ourselves.

Justin Cooper