Perfectionism kills creativity.


This goes out to anyone (like me) who has been held back from launching a new book, painting, project, business, or any other new venture - because they were worried it wasn't perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect - there’s always a way to improve on it. But perfectionism becomes an excuse not to launch, and then the world is denied something new and creative, because the author is paralysed with fear. And you are denied the opportunity to express who you truly are through your ‘art.’

To paraphrase Seth Godin 'just ship it' - you can always improve on it later.

If you’ve been working on a new project, and it’s 90% there - but you’ve been stressing that it’s not quite ready, please use this as a message from the universe to just go ahead and let it go. Think of it as a Beta Version, until you can work on the bits that need fine tuning. In the meantime you can get feedback, ponder on it, and see what it looks like in the real world. It’s so much easier to spot how it can be improved in broad daylight than when it’s still under wraps.

Go forth and ship my friends!

Justin Cooper