How to sell from your Heart.

Scientific research over the past 30 years has highlighted three very important facts about the human heart: 

1. It acts like a third brain. It communicates to your thinking brain neurologically, biochemically, and biophysically. It does this without influence from the (main) brain. 

2. It communicates to others around you independently from the brain, by sending out electromagnetic signals. According to, "The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain."

3. It drives authentic communication.
"When we are heart-centred and coherent, there is an increased flow of intuitive information that is communicated via the emotional energetic system to the mind and brain systems, resulting in a stronger connection with our deeper inner voice."

In other words, when you speak from your heart, you are communicating your deeper thoughts from an 'independent' heart space. You are also sending out a much more powerful electrical field with that message - 60 times more powerful than if you were to just express your 'thoughts.'

Can you feel that heart-driven thought I just shared?!

But how do you know when you are communicating from your heart, and now just your head?
Simple - you can feel the difference, in your chest.

The same chemicals (which include oxytocin and dopamine) that are produced when you feel love for someone are produced when you are speaking your truth about why you love the work you do, and how you genuinely make a difference for your customer, your boss, and/or your audience.

Let's say you are trying to explain what you / your company / your brand does for people that makes a real difference to them, and at the same time differentiates you.

Step 1: Start by developing three alternative ways of explaining it.

Step 2: Now sit in a chair and breathe slowly for a minute or so to clear your mind of anything on your 'to do' list, and to relax yourself.  

Step 3: Put your forefinger on your sternum (breastplate) and read each statement to yourself.

Step 4: Note what response you get from your heart as you read each statement. If you get a warm feeling - you are heading in the right direction. If you get a 'falling feeling' that's a 'no.' 

Step 5: Trust what you get - then use your 'thinking brain' to work out how best to use the information you have just received.

Communicating from your heart not only feels good to do, but it's a far more authentic and genuine way of explaining what you do for that matters, and so is it is far more likely to have a positive impact on the recipient of this information.

And if that's a potential customer, it means they are much more likely to buy from you.

Justin Cooper