Don't Spend Another Cent

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Millions of dollars a year are wasted on promoting businesses and brands that are devoid of Purpose.

The product or service may be good, but if it is not aligned with the Purpose for which it was created, or worse still, if it has no Purpose behind it - then it is destined to fail.

Why? Because customers today are driven by authenticity, and are looking for the genuine article. They can sniff out a fake a mile away. If your business or brand doesn't have a genuine Purpose for existing, then it's only a matter of time before it runs out of steam.

I've created a new consulting service called Brand Purpose .Co to help business owners, brand managers, and creative agencies to clarify and harness their Purpose so every dollar and cent they spend is working for them. 

Check out Brand Purpose.Co for more details.

If you know of a business or creative agency that has not clearly defined or communicated the Purpose behind its brand, through its adverting, promotions and marketing communications, please send them this link. Brand Purpose is no longer a nice to have, it's an essential ingredient for success.

It's the most powerful and cost-effective way to engage with like-minded people, who has the potential to become a tribe of loyal followers, brand advocates, and raving fans.

I will still be offering one-on-one coaching from my this current platform, so if you need help finding a new career direction or re-defining where you are going in your current role,  please drop me a line here.

Justin Cooper