How Authentic is your Work?


Here are five ways to tell if your business, brand or work is genuinely Authentic:
(Give yourself a score out of 10 for each - and be honest - this is for you!)

1. You LOVE the work you do.
Do you (and/or your team) really love your work – does it inspire you, and feed your soul? When you think about your work does it lift your spirit. Or do you do it just because it puts food on the table? Does it feel like hard work every day?

2. You are genuinely driven by what you do.
Are you (and/or your team) utterly inspired by your work, business or brand?
Do you (and/or your team) feel like you are on a Mission to do something worthy and worthwhile? Do you understand the higher purpose behind your work, business or brand? Or is it just a means to an end – with that end being money?

3. You can easily explain why you’re doing the work you do.
Do you explain why you love doing the work you do to your customers and prospects? Do you explain what you believe in, and why this is important to the work you do, the business you run, and/or the brand you manage? 

 4. Your work makes a difference to people’s lives.
Does your work make a noticeable impact on your customers? Does it change the way they think, improve their lives, or make a difference in some way? If it doesn't, are you clear on how you could change your approach so that it did?

 5. You attract the right kind of customers and/or opportunities every time
Do you win customers or career opportunities that are a perfect fit for you? When you come to convert them - is it easy? Are they already clear on what you do, what you believe in and how you can make a difference to them? Or do you end up with a mixed bag – some good customers/employers but some you'd really rather not work with, if it wasn't just about the money? 

How did you do?
If you scored 40 or more then you are clearly working on what inspires you and inspires others – and your business or career is Authentic. If you scored less than 40 then it might be time to re-think what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Because inauthenticity in business simply isn’t sustainable in the long-term.

Justin Cooper