Mission Visualisation


Welcome to the Mission Visualisation.

If you're here because you are reading Chapter 8 of Marketing is Dead: Long Live Purposing and you saw the link to this Visualisation, then you made it!

If you found your way here randomly - then none of this will make sense unless you buy the book, so here’s the link.

As I say in the book, this exercise is designed to help uncover your Business Mission - which is the external outcome of your internal Purpose. It's a timeline exercise designed to take you forward in time to a defining moment when you have already achieved 'success' - however your imagination defines it. Here you see yourself at an event where you are presenting an idea to an audience of grateful customers (internal and/or external) and you experience the positive impact your work will have on them. 

Click on the image below to purchase the Visualisation and accompanying questionnaire - for just AUD $9.95.