Over 250 people have been through my process.

Here's what some of my coaching and consulting customers have said...


Business Owners

"I found it very fruitful. The business meditation process takes you back to your roots and what you are really passionate about. I was surprised how quickly I could switch between the emotional / intuitive state to the rational state. The outcomes were greater clarity of what I do best, a greater feeling of enthusiasm and passion for what I do, and practical ideas on techniques I can use to maximise my effectiveness." Linden B. April 2018

"Wow. Justin. Wow! You have a magical process. Linda R. Jan 2018

"Justin has helped me reposition my brand and get my business On Purpose. I find his input to my business essential to maintain focus and get strategic and marketing direction." John W. Sep 2017

“Justin is an unusual mixture of the practical and the strategic. He is able to connect with his client on a level which makes them feel both safe and open to new concepts that he presents. He's can move you to where you need to be, even though you may not know where that is." Barbara C. July 2017

"It is a really interesting and insightful experience that allows you to see through the fog and gain clarity around what may be holding you back in being your best self." Mary D. Oct 2016

"I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something new and different to find out more about themselves in their business" Mitch B. Aug 2016

"Justin takes you on a journey to uncover huge potential that's locked deep down within. The process is simple to do, easy to understand...but most importantly, it's true to you." Marc N. July 2016

"I found a lot of courage from the Visualisation process.  I realised that I was fearless, not to be messed with.  Before I was sitting on the fence, scared to stand out and make a difference.  Now I never say 'no' to an opportunity and spend a lot more constructive time working on my business rather than in my business." Krys L. Mar 2016

"This is the one of the few events I have been to that has really inspired me to CHANGE the way I am doing things and gave me a game plan to make it actually happen. This allowed me to write my authentic story, in order to connect with others and achieve the goals I had written down.  Justin was open, authentic, and supportive."
Jeanette W. Aug 2015

"Justin takes you on a journey to uncover huge potential that's locked deep down within. The process is simple to do, easy to understand...but most importantly, it's true to you." Marc N. July 2016

"Justin gave me clarity on my vision of where I am taking my business. I was surprised how well the animal totem brought my brand to life – it was amazing! I can clearly visualise my brand identity thanks to my animal totem. It anchors me whenever I need to make a decision regarding my brand or business strategy. Michele W. Apr 2015

"Gave me a deeper understanding of my purpose and insight into a different approach, rather than cognitive thinking. This made me realise how much passion I have for what I do and my reason behind it. I'd recommend this to any business person or professional who is doubting themselves or needs clarity." James H. June 2014

"I could feel a change coming on in my career and I was looking for the clarity to follow it through. Unleash Your Beast gave me the clarity I was searching for, and the discovery of what my real purpose will be. It also gave me a new connection with like-minded people. I would recommend this to anyone searching for their real purpose, be it in their current job - or seeking clarity in a new direction." Ursula N. June 2014

"Justin helped me to connect the dots...and to get clarity on why I do what I do, and how to clearly get my story across. I also really loved discovering my “inner beast” – it was spot on. I would recommend this course to anyone struggling to answer the simple question 'what makes me different?' "
Jacqui N. Apr 2014

"The ideas flowed brilliantly with each step leading to the next. I would recommend this to business owners and start ups who are missing their hook or the means to articulate their gift of service." Fleur F. Dec 2013


"Justin really helped me link my personal purpose in life to what I do for a living. I was feeling a little bit lost, unhappy at work and unsure of what to do next. The visualisations and the coaching really helped my get back into the right head space at work, back to my usual state of looking forward to going to work everyday and feeling like I was making a difference.
We've also spent time working on what I should do next in my career which has been very helpful. Justin is capable of adjusting his style to suit who he is working with. For example, I need someone who will challenging my thinking but not be too pushy and he balances that very well. I would recommend giving his approach to coaching a go!
Mel M. August 2017

"I have confronted my work challenges head-on and taken steps towards new career interests. I feel a lot more energetic and confident, with an inner knowing that I am fully capable of dealing with a lot of uncertainty in life. I can attribute a lot of it to the wisdom and insights I gained from Justin's artful coaching." Bertrand N. Oct 2016

"I have been using the insights developed from working with Justin as a filter for selecting things I choose to focus on. I also try new ideas more deliberately and with greater focus. I am no longer restless and unhappy because I have found my calling. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is needing direction for diversifying their business or starting something new, and to those wanting to find a new career that is more authentic and aligned to their true self." Bhakti D. May 2016.