and put it to work in your business or career.


Looking for direction and clarity?
Want to get the best out of yourself?

I'm here to help you work 'on purpose.'

It doesn't matter if you are running or managing a business, or if you are working in an organisation, if the spark goes - working becomes a chore. It's hard to motivate yourself to deliver your best work, and it's hard to inspire the teams you work with.

I'm here to fix that for you. I believe there's a purpose behind the work we do, and when we define that Purpose, our work becomes easier, more enjoyable and more productive. It's like switching a light bulb on - the clarity it brings is inspirational to us and the people we work with.

Book a session with me and you'll discover hidden talents and capabilities you'd forgotten you had. Using my unique Visualisation process, you'll discover your 'Animal Totem' - a metaphor that explains your inner strengths and capabilities, and the way in which you work best. It opens you up to a new way of doing things, and allows you to explain what you do that's different. It's the first step to 'Unleashing Your Beast!'

When you book a session with me, you receive a link to an audio clip of the 'Animal Totem' Visualisation, an 11 minute recording - which you can listen to on your smart phone. There's a link to download a questionnaire, which you answer immediately after listening to the recording. You then send me your answers and receive a summary of what your Animal Totem means in terms of your innate strengths, capabilities, and your natural style of working .

We then agree a time for our 90-minute Skype coaching session where we'll discuss how you can use what you've discovered to improve how you deliver in your career, business, or brand.


·       Clarity around your innate strengths and unique capabilities

·       An understanding of what you offer that's genuinely unique 

·       Adapt your offer to align with your true strengths

·       You find it easier to attract like-minded customers and career opportunities 

·       Self-motivation and the ability to inspire others

·       Find greater meaning and satisfaction from your work


Here's what some of the 250 or so clients of mine have said about what it's like working with me:

“Very powerful and enjoyable experience. I gained a lot of great insights about myself that were both surprising and helpful. I now feel accountable to myself and have regained my power to play a bigger game.” Mary D.

"Justin takes you on a journey to uncover huge potential that's locked deep down within." Marc N.

"I am no longer restless and unhappy because I have found my calling." Bhakti D.

" It has increased my confidence and conviction in my ideas, with a sense of freedom and vision that I can access at will. I can wholeheartedly recommend this exercise and it continues to be top-of-mind and valuable months after the session." Steven A.

"I have been able to explain my story a lot more easily and it has come more naturally to me. I realised that I had many great opportunities ahead of me and that I needed to bring more of my ‘fun self’ into my work life. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something new and different to find out more about themselves in their business.” " Mitch B.

“The Animal Totem exercise is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone faced with a challenging situation in their personal life or business. It is a powerful symbol you can easily draw upon at any time to reconnect with your inner wisdom and strengths." Bertrand N.

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Unique Advantage one-on-one coaching programme

What makes you unique? How can you leverage your innate strengths and use them to improve your performance at work, or in your business?

Introducing a brand new way to access powerful knowledge about yourself and how you work best, that is currently hidden from you. Access a unique system that has been successfully trialled by more than 250 people over the past 3 years.

This program includes:
1. A downloadable 11 minute 'Animal Totem' audio exercise and self-completion questionnaire
2. Fact sheet explaining what your animal means
3. 90 minute one-on-one Skype coaching session with Justin Cooper
4. Self-completion exercise to apply your findings to your work, business or brand.

Who’s this designed for?

- People struggling in their career who feel uninspired and looking for a new challenge.
- Business owners looking for direction, inspiration, and clarity on what makes them unique from their competitors. 
- Start up businesses looking to create a more unique and sustainable brand promise.
- Leaders looking to inspire their team by developing a strong and authentic culture.


- Greater self-motivation
- Clarity around your innate skills and how to use them
- Clarity on what makes you and/or your business unique
- An understanding of how to use your 'hidden advantage' to make yourself and/or your business more unique and more attractive to potential customers and employers