Unique Advantage one-on-one coaching programme

Unique Advantage one-on-one coaching programme


What makes you unique? How can you leverage your innate strengths and use them to improve your performance at work, or in your business?

Introducing a brand new way to access powerful knowledge about yourself and how you work best, that is currently hidden from you. Access a unique system that has been successfully trialled by more than 250 people over the past 3 years.

This program includes:
1. A downloadable 11 minute 'Animal Totem' audio exercise and self-completion questionnaire
2. Fact sheet explaining what your animal means
3. 90 minute one-on-one Skype coaching session with Justin Cooper
4. Self-completion exercise to apply your findings to your work, business or brand.

Who’s this designed for?

- People struggling in their career who feel uninspired and looking for a new challenge.
- Business owners looking for direction, inspiration, and clarity on what makes them unique from their competitors. 
- Start up businesses looking to create a more unique and sustainable brand promise.
- Leaders looking to inspire their team by developing a strong and authentic culture.


- Greater self-motivation
- Clarity around your innate skills and how to use them
- Clarity on what makes you and/or your business unique
- An understanding of how to use your 'hidden advantage' to make yourself and/or your business more unique and more attractive to potential customers and employers


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“Very powerful and enjoyable experience. I gained a lot of great insights about myself that were both surprising and helpful." Mary D. 

"Justin takes you on a journey to uncover huge potential that's locked deep down within." Marc N.

"I am no longer restless and unhappy because I have found my calling." Bhakti D.

" It has increased my confidence and conviction in my ideas, with a sense of freedom and vision that I can access at will. I can wholeheartedly recommend this exercise and it continues to be top-of-mind and valuable months after the session." Steven A.

"I have been able to explain my story a lot more easily and it has come more naturally to me." Mitch B.