Vision Visualisation


Welcome to the Ideal Client Visualisation.

If you're here because you are reading Chapter 9 of Marketing is Dead: Long Live Purposing and you saw the link to the Ideal Client Visualisation, then you made it!

If you found your way here randomly - then none of this will make sense unless you buy the book, so here’s the link.

As I say in the book, this exercise is designed to engage your intuitive brain so you can create a thumbnail sketch of what you want to create in the future. In this exercise you will imagine meeting a future you, and having a conversation about what you will achieve in the future. It's an opportunity for your imagination to give you an insight into what you are truly capable of achieving. You may well be surprised by the results.

Click on the image below to purchase the Visualisation and accompanying questionnaire - for just AUD $9.95.