Ideal Client Visualisation

Ideal Client Visualisation


Who is the ideal customer or client for the work you do, or the product or service you offer?
What's the big problem that you solve for them?
How do you solve that problem in your own unique way?


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Who is your Ideal Client?

This Visualisation is a guided meditation designed to relax you and give you access to a deeper level of thinking. The Ideal Client Visualisation consists of a 15 minute audio recording with an accompanying questionnaire designed to give you clarity around who your Ideal Client is, and the deeper benefits you bring him and/or her. 

The recording guides you on a journey to a beach, where you imagine meeting your Ideal Client and discussing with him and/or her how the work you do has positively impacting them. The exercise allows you to tap into your subconscious to understand the true value of the work you do - by remembering interactions with past customers, and articulating how you have really helped them and made a real difference to them.

As soon as you have finished listening to the recording you open up the questionnaire and answer a series of questions to reveal a deeper level of thinking. The answers you give after listening to the recording are far deeper than the 'rational' approach, because you are tapping into your subconscious. It's like lifting the veil to uncover the truth.

The download consists of three elements:
1. A PDF of the instructions - please open this first.
2. An MP3 audio file featuring the Visualisation.
3. The accompanying questionnaire.

The files have been compressed (zipped) to allow them to be downloaded quickly - you will need to unzip them before you can access them.