Animal Totem Visualisation

Animal Totem Visualisation


What are your natural strengths?
How do you work best?
How could you change the way you do things so as to capitalise on your innate abilities?

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What are you really capable of?

This unique exercise is designed to uncover your Animal Totem - which is a metaphor to help you understand your innate personality, strengths, abilities and style of working, and how they influence and support who you are, and how you best work. The exercise is designed to give you greater clarity about 'the real you' - so you can rediscover your natural way of working, and put this into your work, your business, and/or your brand. 

This Visualisation is a guided meditation designed to relax you and give you access to a deeper level of thinking. The Animal Totem Visualisation consists of an 11 minute audio recording with an accompanying questionnaire designed to give you new insights to understanding the real purpose behind your work. 

The recording guides you on a journey where you imagine meeting an animal. You go on a journey with this animal and you start to recognise qualities and attributes in this animal that you relate to in yourself. In 99% of cases the animal you imagine is not the one your rational mind was thinking of before starting the exercise. It is often a surprise what animal comes to you, but it doesn't take long to realise how relevant this animal is to your true personality - especially after looking more closely at its characteristics.

As soon as you have finished listening to the recording you open up the questionnaire and answer a series of questions to reveal a deeper level of thinking. The answers you give after listening to the recording are far deeper than the 'rational' approach, because you are tapping into your subconscious. It's like lifting the veil to uncover the truth.

The download consists of three elements:
1. A PDF of the instructions - please open this first.2. An MP3 audio file featuring the Visualisation.
3. The accompanying questionnaire.

The files have been compressed (zipped) to allow them to be downloaded quickly - you will need to unzip them before you can access them.